My cook-at-hon was not for GWR - I didn’t compete with Hilda Baci either - Chef Dami


"Damilola Adeparusi, the Nigerian chef, says her 120-hour cooking marathon was not to get Guinness World Records (Guinness World Record) recognition as claimed"

"Dami", The Ekiti-based chef commenced her cooking marathon on June 9 and became a viral sensation after then.

"Chef Dami completed her five-day cooking stint On Wednesday".

According to her interview with BBC Yoruba, the chef added that she embarked on the cooking marathon because of the love she has for cooking. In her words, she said: "it makes me happy".

"Chef Dami" further added that she did not compete with "Hilda Baci", who was recently certified as the record holder for the longest cooking marathon by an individual in the world.

Read Her Words Below 👇

"In terms of the G.W.R or competing with "Hilda Baci", I just did what I love doing". It is what makes me happy, she said.

"Guinness World Records was never in my plan or something. 

"I am not doing so Guinness World Records can know me.

"I did it for those who would love to watch me cook in the kitchen.

"The past five days to me have been beautiful. 

"My plan was just to gather people and we cook for 120 hours and then we go back to our regular lives.

"I am surprised just like everybody, but I feel very good. 

"I would advise that people should do whatever they want to do no matter the discouragement.

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