Obasanjo Sends Strong Message to Tinubu Over 2023 Polls [Read]

{Obasanjo Sends Strong Message to Tinubu Over 2023 Polls}

Ex-President "Olusegun Obasanjo" has given his two cents on what lies ahead and is necessary for restoring national unity in Nigeria. "He said the outcome of the 2023 presidential polls opened the wounds of division among the people of Nigeria."

"Obasanjo" added that the incoming administration has a huge task to restore peace and unity.

"Former President "Olusegun Obasanjo" has urged the incoming administration of "Bola Tinubu" to mend the division that has arisen due to the outcome of the 2023 presidential elections."

According to "Daily Trust" newspaper report, the former military head of state said Nigeria has become more divided than ever before.

He made this remark in Abuja on Thursday, April 6, at a public seminar by Nextier SPD, tagged "From Elections to Governance and Performance".

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Said:

"Given what we saw during the election, Nigeria is now even more divided and more corroded than we thought.

"All efforts are now required from all committed patriots to rescue the nation from the precipice.

"And when I look at the audience, I have a feeling that among the people who can do it and who must do it are some of you here.

"As reported by the New Telegraph, Obasanjo said it had become his obligation to advocate for the truth to help guide Nigeria toward greatness and national unity."

 "He said, there is a huge task ahead to meet the collective aspirations of Nigeria as a sovereign nation that has been ordained for greatness by God Almighty."

"Obasanjo" said:
"It has become my own personal obligation, continuing in my relentless service as a letterman, dedicated in my twilight years to say the truth, as I see it, so as to push Nigeria in the direction of our collective aspirations.
“What is our collective aspiration?

"A better society where all Nigerians can become what the Almighty God destined them to be."

"At times like this, some of us have to adopt the attitude of being known to be blind and not being afraid of the dark. But we must continue to work for the light of everything.";#?"


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