Toy!n Lawan! schools troll who sa!d 95% men w!ll not marry s!ngle mothers:


 Popular entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, schools a troll that ridiculed the chances of single mothers getting a man to marry them.  

"An Instagram user had insisted under a thread that 95% of men would never take a single mother seriously, let alone marry them alongside another man’s children."

  In reaction, Toyin Lawani delved into the history of her family; how her mother was a single mother before marrying her father and later married someone else afterwards. 

“Buhahhahhahahhahahhahhahahahhahahhahhahahahhahahhahah 不

 I beg who wan borrow me laugh 不不不不不 can somebody just laugh with me.  

"You never even see where they will be dragging a woman with 3kids like me with my husband 不不不不 Kai Wetin we no go hear for social Media street , some people will just open mouth and talk waaaaa不不不  It’s extremely poor thinking for men to think like this , I don’t even have words."

Love no they see all this rubbish theories o. Kings will even collect peoples wives and all their children and gbesele 不  Bros your pant don loss tey tey , So being A single mother is now a Sin 扑 My mom had 2 kids before marrying my dad.

 Had 5kids with my dad and she still found a wonderful man to marry her and took all her 7kids.  You are a leaner, Man wey love you genuinely will never think about your baggage, only a hungry lazy crocodile like you 不.”"!

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