Respectfully, You Are A Fat F**l – "Tonto Dikeh Tells Foluke Daramola"


Respectfully, You Are A Fat F**l – Tonto Dikeh Tells Foluke Daramola:::

Tonto Dikeh has told Foluke Daramola that with due respect, the actress is a fat f**l.  

"Se said this after the actress took sides in her battle with her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill."

"Tonto" had blasted "Churchill" after wishing their son a happy 7th birthday.  

The actress had made their son, 7 birthday cakes, and organised a party for him at school as well.  On the other side, Churchill also celebrated their son, King Andre on social media. This did not go down well with Tonto who blasted him.  

Anyway, "Foluke Daramola" on her side, took sides with "Churchill" against "Tonto", a thing the actress says she won’t take lightly, hence the lash out at "Foluke".  

A fan of "Tonto" had asked "Foluke" to tell "Churchill" to start paying "King Andre’s" school fees, before Foluke lashed back at the fan.  

The fan had said; "Advise your only brother to pay school fees and show Teller"…. Not those obsoletes evidence… 

It’ is well with him  "Foluke" then replied, 

"Really?? Very funny so he should start saving receipts and showing u pls as what??

 If only the mother understands the implications of these things being done. "But unfortunately what is ins@ne is now the norm. So sad". 

She further said;  "U had better advice her mentor to move on I have been a single mother b4 and I don’t expose my children to bitter people like this, there had been love and find memories at a point is time and a life at that, that should be respected all this back and forth is just unnecessary."

Something’s are appreciated being kept secret. "Olakunle Churchill" is my friend and brother that I respect his privacy so I will not go to the gutted with u on what’s his personal life. Thinks b4 u write”.  

Boldly tagging "Foluke", Tonto started by saying, respectfully, "Foluke" is a fat F**l and she should learn to keep her name out of her mouth.

"Tonto" wrote;  “Foluke Daramola Salako" respectfully ma you are a FAT fool. 

"Your brother/friend brought out fans.";#?"


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