All Men Are Promiscuous – Oba Elegushi’s W!fe..


Queen Sekinat, the first wife of Oba Alayeluwa Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III has said all men are promiscuous in nature except those yet unborn. 

According to source, She stated in an interview with BBC Yoruba that she’s not bothered by the 21st Elegushi of the Ikate-Elegushi Kingdom’s love for women because she takes first place above all others. 

" The queen recounted how she met the king, his eventual proposal, and her decision to marry him despite knowing loved and had several women in his life."  

My name is "Queen Sekinat Aramide Ajoke Elegushi". I hail from Lagos State and was born here. 

 “My mum has a shop on Lagos Island. That’s where the king, Oba Saheed Ademola saw me and picked interest in me… I gave him a chance and we became friends.”  

“However, I told him that I had a boyfriend at the time but he said there’s no problem with that since we were only going to be friends.”  “Whenever I tell him that I’m going to see my boyfriend, he usually insists on accompanying me there. In fact, he knew my boyfriend then.”  

“Eventually, we started dating. And in 2003, he proposed to me, saying he wanted me to be his wife.  “I love him and he also loves me… despite the fact that he had other women in his life.  “For someone like him, who loves women, I ought to have turned him down that I cannot cope but we got along till he proposed and we got married.”  She continued:

 “God has given me a patient and enduring spirit since childhood, my husband knows that I don’t disturb him on issues that have to do with women.”  “That is because I know he truly loves me, and he always puts me first. So, I’m not scared because I know no one can take my place or anyone that’ll make me start questioning my place in his life.”  

“And I am aware that he knows what is good. So there’s nothing that scares me. He has different friends. I have no problem with him liking women because I know that no one can take my place.  The Lagos monarch’s first wife."!#?"

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