I fumbled at YBNL because I listened to too many voices - Lyta


I fumbled at YBNL because he listened to too many voices - Lyta
[I fumbled at YBNL because I listened to too many voices - Lyta]

 " Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Lyta, has spoken about why he left Olamide."

According to 36ng: He shared more details on why he left YBNL, the record label owned by Olamide, the music heavyweight.  Lyta joined YBNL in 2018. 

"He, however, left the record label in 2019, following a well-publicised dispute with the company’s head honcho."

  Speaking on why he left the music label, in a recent interview, the 24-year-old artiste said he heard a lot of “whispers” from friends in the industry and got “confused”.  

"Lyta, however, did not give more detail on the nature of the rumours he heard about YBNL."

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“It is just confusion. Maybe I was the one who was confused."

Then when I dropped ‘Temi’, I met new people in the industry and there was so much stuff like that, and friends that were in the industry already were whispering things to me,” he said in a mixture of English and Pidgin.  

“I’m a small boy, I can’t say I’m a small boy but like there were so many things and I didn’t know which one to believe.  “Some people got into my head with random s**t.

" I can’t even blame myself because I believe it is normal for upcoming artistes who don’t understand the industry.”  

In 2019, the ‘Formula’ crooner also stated that he left the label because he wasn’t given the liberty he wanted. 

 "He stressed that the label had a music release calendar which was inconsistent with how often he intended to put out new songs."

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