Gunmen Trapped Inside Jos Prison as Soldiers, Police Repel Attack


Gunmen Trapped Inside Jos Prison as Soldiers, Police Repel Attack 

"Attackers of the Jos Correctional Center were said to be currently trapped in the compound after security agents cordoned off the area when they were mobilised to assist security agents at the centre, we have learned."

"According to a press release on the matter by O F Enobore, Controller of Corrections, the armed men with sophisticated weapons, stormed the Correctional Centre at about 1720hrs on Sunday, 28 November, 2021." 

"They engaged the armed squad at the centre in a gun battle.  “The invaders were said to have arrived at the Custodial Center at about 1720hrs and immediately made for the main gate where they engaged the armed squad personnel in a gun battle before breaking into the yard.""

"Although they gained entrance to the yard, they are however trapped within as men from sister security services were immediately mobilised to assist the armed guards to cordon the perimeter wall and the entire area.  

 “Reinforcement from the response squad of the Service has also been mobilised to the center. "

  “The situation is presently under control as the attackers firing power is being subdued by superior fire from a combined team of security agencies. 

"Update will be made available as event unfolds, the statement said."

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