Video: Teni and Johnny Drille Combine to Deliver Amazing Remix for the Nigerian Classic "Denge Pose"


The "Denge Pose" remix is part of an ongoing series called the Budweiser Smooth Kings Remix show. This one is the 9th episode and was uploaded on Wednesday, the 28th of May 2021. 

Teni & Johnny Drille teamed up with producer, GospelOnDeBeatz to create the remix before going in front of the camera to perform the amazing duet. Before that, they had shared a little bit about their careers with the host Mike Edwards and even played a game of snooker..


The original owner of "Denge Pose", Baba Fryo himself appeared at some point during the show and commended both Teni & Johnny Drille's delivery of the song. He stated that it was even better than he expected and even gave them a chef kiss..

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