Tonto Dikeh - Churchill Abandoned My Son & I Because Of Rosy

 Question: Recently, a lady named Rosaline Meurer made a video saying she's your husband's PA, that she knows you and you are very nice to her. She also celebrated him on his birthday on her IG page. What do you have to say to her claims?

Tonto: First of all, I do not know her personally but I am aware that she's sleeping with my husband. I am aware that my husband is taking care of her and she is the reason why he abandoned his son. I'm aware that she's the reason he abandoned his family because he took her on a trip. She's not my husband's sister, he is not her brother.

She doesn't know me and I have never spoken to my husband about her before.

I know their story and I know that they are in love.

It's not just a relationship.

Question: Rosaline posted a picture of a car on her IG page

Tonto: My husband bought the car for her.

He is responsible for her upkeep.

I have pictures of them on a trip together.

That's something my husband has never done for me or his family.

It hurts me because I watched him make every dime he has and I know the sacrifices I made.

 All I expected from him was to be good to his family.

It's not his first time. I have practically dragged someone off my husband's private part before.

The women are not my problem.

I was once single. I am not a saint. I forgive all of them with the love of God in my heart.

This interview was conducted in 2017 by Mediaroomhub

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