Our Level of Borrowing Is Reasonable - Nigerian Gov’t

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Our Level of Borrowing Is Reasonable - Nigerian Gov’t

Nigeria’s minister of finance, "Zainab Ahmed" has said that the level of borrowing being made by the "Buhari" - led administration is not unreasonable and is equally not high.

"Speaking to thetrentonline at a media briefing at the State House Abuja on Thursday, February 25, 2021, while reacting to criticism regarding high levels of borrowing by the Buhari-led administration, Ahmed said that Nigeria cannot make progress if it doesn’t borrow to fund the building of its infrastructure".

"The country will not only regress but be left behind if we fail to improve our business environment" [She said]

The level of borrowing is not unreasonable and it is not high.

Our Level of Borrowing Is Reasonable - Nigerian Gov’t
📷 source: thetrentonline

"If we say we will not borrow it simply means that we won’t be building major infrastructure until our revenue rises enough and we will regress as a country".

We will be left behind. We wouldn’t be able to improve our business environment and our economy will not grow.

"We just need to make sure that when we borrow, we apply the borrowing to specific major infrastructure that would enhance the business environment in this country".

Article Source: thetrentonline

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