Boeing 777 Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Moscow

 OPB gathered below info:

A Boeing 777 flight on Friday made an emergency landing in Moscow owing to engine problems, the operating Rossiya Airlines has said.

According to LeadershipNg, the aircraft, which was en route from Hong Kong to Madrid, reported an “incorrect operation of the engine control sensor” mid-flight, and the crew members requested the landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

Boeing 777 Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Moscow
📷 source: LeadershipNg

"The emergency landing caused no injuries, said Rossiya Airlines, a unit of Russia’s flag and largest carrier Aeroflot, adding that the flight will continue its trip to Madrid hours later".

"The incident came days after a United Airlines Boeing 777 with Pratt & Whitney 4,000 engines suffered an engine failure shortly after takeoff”".

"The right engine of the plane had caught fire and scattered debris across nearby neighborhoods".

It remained unclear whether the two Boeing 777 aircraft are equipped with the same engines. (Xinhua/NAN).

News Source: LeadershipNg

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