EFCC, NDDC Corruption: Buhari Says His Appointees Abused Government's Trust

President "Muhammadu Buhari" has said the reported cases of corruption in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ("EFCC") and the Niger Delta Development Commission ("NDDC") occurred because his appointees abused the trust placed in them.

"According to Legit, Vanguard reported that, The Nigerian president made the statement on Friday, July 31, after observing the ("Eid-el-Kabir") prayers with his family members in Abuja."

"Buhari" promised that all past and present cases of corruption will be fully investigated.

       Photo Credit: Femi Adesina / Source: Legit/Facebook

“There has been abuse of trust by people trusted by the previous administration and this administration,” he said.

"The president stated that all past and present cases of corruption will be fully investigated.
"He complained about the NDDC’s wastage of the resources earmarked for improving the lives of the people in the Niger Delta region."

"Buhari" said despite the 13% derivation enjoyed by states in the Niger Delta region, corruption has hampered the development of the region."

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