Chris Brown vs Usher: Social media users weigh in on who's a better artist

"Chris Brown" and "Usher" are two talented musicians who have given the world hits when it comes to R&B. Their music is enjoyed by both the youth and elders.

"Both the US superstars can sing and dance very well. "They are also very good when it comes to performing on stage. "Chris" and "Usher" have both released chart-topping songs and they have millions of fans from across the world."

Article/Photo Source, Legit.

"Mzansi" has weighed in on who they think is the best between the two stars. " This is after a social media user asked tweeps who is the best between the Confessions hitmaker and the Deuces singer."

Judging from the comments, it is hard to tell who is a fan fave between the two R&B giants. "Below are some of the comments from tweeps who weighed in on the Twitter debate."

@siphe__x commented:
 "Am I the only one who RTd and liked. This the only battle that's a tie!! Usher successfully ran 3 decades and Chris is a hitmaker."

 @Siphiwe11530440 wrote:
"Usher belongs in the elite group of RnB legends e.g R Kelly, Keith Sweat. Next time please pit Chris vs Trey songs."

@NkosihB commented:
"But we love them both."

@unathi_Vuyi added:
"Usher" mentored "Chris" and Justine Bieber mos... ufuna ukuthini wena sani heee ("What are you trying to say?").

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