Actor Bob-Manuel Udokwu's wife reacts to fake new report

“Casandra Joseph Udokwu” recently took to social media to address a fake news report of her death published by Nairaland. “The report claimed she was strangled to death by a boy she brought from the village.”


“Sharing screenshots of the report, she recounted how she lost both parents and two siblings in 1998 after they were poisoned.” She explained that she understands what it's like to lose a loved one.”


She went on to talk about the challenges she and her kids have had to face due to Bob-Manuel's celebrity status as a Nollywood actor.

Source: UGC/Legit


“According to her, her kids have had close calls with kidnappers and she also has been harassed as well.”


“Bob-Manuel Udokwu's wife says she's tired reports of being dead


She went on to question why people put up these fake death reports about her?. She recounted how it left her and the kids


"It breaks my spirit that we are like show birds, pretty in a cage but with no freedom. Solely for entertainment.

Please let us fly. Please let us live. I remember in 2013 just like right now, an article was published saying I had died.

This exact picture and write up was trending on social media and was on google.

“It was a regular beautiful day for me till I started receiving so many alarming calls from my family, friends and acquaintances.”

My children and I were greatly and negatively impacted by that article. And again today the same thing!! July 27 2020! I cried bitterly because I am tired! Tired of being fake news, tired of being ‘dead’ when I am alive, tired of hiding and living in fear!!" She wondered if the people sharing these reports have no idea that what they are doing is hurtful and traumatising. “Do you have no conscience?" she queried.

“Mrs Udokwu” begged them to stop hurting her family, adding that she is not dead and will live up to a hundred years.

A lot of people undermine death. They forget that it is a grave occurrence and not something to be spoken lightly of or...

Posted by Casandra Joseph Udokwu on Monday, 27 July 2020

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