I want no sympathy - Popular Nigerian punter confesses to killing his girlfriend on social media, two years after he was arrested for internet fraud by EFCC

The punter who goes by the name Killaboi on social media, revealed that he “mistakenly” stabbed his girlfriend after they got into an argument.  

Killaboi who cried about messing up his life at 26, promised to ensure his late girlfriend gets justice as he can’t live with the guilt. 

He further shared a message he sent to his late girlfriend’s mother.

Eyewitnesses are claiming that police who gained access to his apartment through the fence, found his girlfriend’s corpse mutilated. It was alleged that her vital organs were missing.

In His Words:

[I want no sympathy. want no pity.

I'm truly down and broken from what has happened and I deserve nothing but death. Yes I truly do and want too for her soul to rest in peace.

I will turn myself in I promise.

And she will get justice.]

knocked severally at the gate with no response. The Mopols went back to the police post in front of the estate to report their findings and they were referred to Ajuwe Police Station.

The DPO at Ajuwe Police Station deployed an IPO to the scene and after severally knocking at the gate with no response, they used a ladder to access the property through the fence and entered the building, only to discover the mutilated body of the missing girl (with her private part and other parts missing). DPO and his team as at yesterday night evacuated the body and sealed the premises pending further investigation.

We urge all residents to remain calm and be vigilant while the police continue with their investigation

just yesterday that they found d body

in 2023 blood of jesus

He also posted on his timeline:

'I have prayed and ask God to forgive me for this and will willingly die and take any punishment you and your family choose.'

'I want to do the right thing and give In as God has instructed after my prayer, instead of running away I will give in cause deep down I know my heart is clean and nothing was intentional as there's no way I would put myself in such situations knowing I will be ruined in life.'

'I will call my people tomorrow and break the news to them too by myself, then turn myself in'.

'Please forgive me mom, I have failed you and have failed my own mom that gave birth to me. Pls forgive me, I will pay'.

'I'm not saying all this to escape death, I'm in pain and the only thing pray is you find a place in your heart to forgive me.'

I'm deeply sorry and pained to the heart things resulted this way, I never intended to take my beloved Austa life, I loved her so much and I'm in so much pains and have been suicidal.

It was a mistake and an accident, as we got into a serious argument and fight which lead to her carrying knives.

I not a bad person, I'm not a criminal, I'm not ritualist and nothing like all you have said.

I have never killed in my life before and also my cousin wasn't aware in the first place and he might have ran away out of fear when he found out I guess but was never an accomplice or knows anything.

For days I have been trying to kill myself, I put you on conference with my uncle to break the new to you both at the same time about what happened but you never joined the

call and I was dumbfounded to speak to only my uncle at that point and ended up turning off my phone and look for means to take my own life. I has been suicidal since then.

I'm sorry for the pain I have cost you, and I promise to turn myself in, I have brought shame upon myself and my family and most especially have disappointed you who loved me and took me as your own son. I'm ready to die too for the crime I have committed. There is no justification for death and I think I deserve one now, I will pay with my life please forgive me Mom Cordelia.

I genuinely loved Augusta and you. Pls forgive me, I will turn myself in and pay with my life.

My beloved Austa is gone and living here on earth now seems meaningless and of no use to me.

I wish I could reverse time but it's lost already.

I have failed myself, I have failed my mom, I have failed my family.

Oh lorddddd I can't believe this.

I can't leave with this guilt, I'm going crazy, nothing to kind again and I will say nothing but the truth all from the beginning to what brought us here

Oh lord forgive me for my sins, I wish I can go back in time and undo this but it has happened.

I'm not a bad person, I'm not an evil person, I'm not a criminal,

I didn't commit murder, nothing was intended, oh lord I don't know how this happened but

I want to live my remaining day on earth now, knowing o do the right thing and take accountability.

I will say nothing but the truth and come out clean and hope God grant me eternal peace and accept me.

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