Portable’s third baby mama, "Ashabi bitterly curses trolls over his wife, Bewaji" (Video)


Nollywood actress and baby mama of singer Portable, "Ashabi" has bitterly cursed trolls over a loved-up video of the singer with his wife.

According to Kemi Filani's report, "Portable" spent Eid El Kabir with his wife and the couple tensioned social media with their loved-up video.

"As expected, netizens stormed the comment section, and Dms of "Ashabi" with screenshots of the video."

She took to her Instagram page and lashed out at them, raining heavy curses.

"You people will never know joy in your life.

"Addressing her trolls, she questioned if their father wedded their mother as she noted how she isn’t the first person to get pregnant for a married man."

She added that she would never trespass her senior wives and assured netizens that "Portable" wouldn’t leave her.

"Those of you bashing me for marrying Portable, ask yourself; did your father wed your mother? 

"I’m not the first person to get pregnant for a married man. 

"You’ll never see me trespassing on my senior wives.

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