Judy Austin boasts, mocks haters And Says, We just made $10k on our prank videos that many carried on their heads

Nollywood actress, Judy Austin has mocked those who think her marriage is on the verge of hitting the rock.

"For some days now, she and "Yul Edochie" via their Instagram page have been sharing disturbing videos hitting the marital crisis."

In a post on her Facebook page, "Judy Austin" informed critics she and her husband are cashing out big time from the videos, which she revealed are all pranks.

"The movie star, who has two children for Yul Edochie, disclosed that they made 10,000 dollars from some of their videos.

“People thought I have issues with my husband Yul Edochie.

Well, we just made over $10k from our prank videos while some carried it for head.

Congratulations to us”.

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