Online loan firm tracks-down and arrests client who failed to repay money (Video)


{Online loan firm tracks-down and arrests client who failed to repay money}

A man has been arrested by security personnel hired by a loan shark, "Palmpay" that he allegedly borrowed money from.

"He was said to have refused to repay the money and has been evading the loan firm anytime they try to get their funds back."

The client, however ran out of luck as the company tracked him down and got him arrested just as he was trying to make an escape.

"According to a video which surfaced online showed when the accused was inside a car and being accosted by armed security agents said to be attached to the company’s loan retrieval unit.";#?"

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 Video Source: Instagram | gossipmillnaija 

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 {hom3_4lone______: Thank God say ino put address for my own}

{only__xmimi: Very good for all those low budget Pablos Una go borrow finish still dey use them catch cruise 😂}

{miss_fentii; Good😂 palmpay suppose don get their own prison by now 😂😂😂}

{princess_udemezue; Serious matter Dey happen 😂😂 Make they no catch my brother…o😫}

{nonymous__gustavo; Palmpay just released me now na 3days I use for PalmPay cell there are not joking about this guys pls stay safe}

{official_brown197; This guy they owe block}

{stackchyna__; Hope no be the same PalmPay wey scam me of my hard earn money Abi eye Dey pain me}

{simisola_gold7; Nigeria sha Dey owe money too😢}

{lekzy_richie3; No be to pay them palmpay there money be problem ooo but the hell interest when you check after some couple weeks it’s over due is irritating.}";#?"

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