Men do not really need love, respect is all that matters – "Singer Paul Okoye to women"


Popular Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye has taken to social media to drop his hot take on what men actually wants from relationship with women.

Taking to the insta-stories section of his verified Instagram page, singer "Peter Okoye"" says for men it’s not really about love sometimes rather it’s respect that matters the most.

"Peter Okoye" wrote, “For men…sometimes is not all about love. Respect…is all that matters!!!.”  

The post has however generated mixed reactions among netizens most especially among ladies, while some said: Respect is reciprocal, others noted that respect is meant to be earned not to fight for it.

Check out comments below 👇

"cherish_ebosereme_": Respect is reciprocal ❤️✊🏽.  

"giftilicious": Respect is not gender based. Everyone deserves respect.📌.

"sexpleasurez_": Respect is translated to mean love by a lot of men. Well, can you even love someone you don’t respect?.  

"leayaah__": Respect is good. But some men need to understand what respect really means. You must earn respect, you cannot fight for it.

"veevogee": When the right person comes into your life,you won’t force communication,you wont force attention.You’ll be respected and Valued🎷.

"joseph_chibugwu": What Men call Love is RESPECT. As a woman if you don’t have respect and you claim to love a man you’re just playing.

"cqueen.veeeev"; Everyone deserves respect.

"stanley_nweze:" Very vital👏.  

"thegriefcircle_naija": Respect comes naturally. 

"When you begin to force someone who truly loves you to respect you. Something is off.";#?"


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