Lady Who Permanently Tattoos Her Boyfriend’s Name On Her Thigh To Prove Her Love Has Gone Viral (Video)



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Lady Who Permanently Tattoos Her Boyfriend’s Name On Her Thigh To Prove Her Love Has Gone Viral (Video)


 A young Nigerian lady has gone the extra mile to show her undying love for her boyfriend by imprinting something that reminds her of him on her body.  

She got a permanent tattoo of his name "Patrick" written in large fonts on her thigh and texted him about it.  

"The couple could be seen in a loved-up embrace at various locations in a video-reel posted on social media."

Her emoji caption expressed her desire for their relationship to lead to marriage.  

"The boy and girl chilled at a hotel, a lounge, went on dates at restaurant and stayed indoors to have some fun and expression of love."

Social media users asked what would happen to them if they break-up.";#"  

Watch the video:


 [See some reactions below..]👇 

generallado: Una no dey get parents?  tomiyinadeola1; If e no work sha name your first born Patrick😂  

amina_minaah: How do you guyz make stupid decisions like this ??? You don’t think long term ?? You go kuku find another Patrick , e no concern me 

 ajwumixx: Celebrities wey start this thing sef na just tiny them draw so they fit cover am easily but e reach your turn you turn your laps to sketch book. Once boy don buy una wig and phone una no dy one wise again. 

 kcbrown_oldwarri_: The way she take Patrick serious if she take her education serious like by now she for be graduate.. 

 iamseunniji: They might not even break up if they truly Love each other  

just_cherish9: I don’t she’s Nigerian😂 Nigerian babes don get sense pass like this 😂  

braide_vanessa_gold: Las las na Patricia go end am😂😂😂  

lollyjuddy: Honestly I don’t wish her breakfast, because hmmmnnn 🤦‍♀️  

nehi_turna: Wish them well. Don’t say anything bad. Love is in the air ❤️❤️❤️  

chief_enex: When dem brake up make she change am to to Patricia  

mizta_pepper: A lot people don’t know that tattooing someone’s name who’s not your family member often brings bad luck. Symbols are preferable";;#"
















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