Man narrates how is Ex. lover ( Married Woman ) called him and the way her sounded to him (Read)

My Ex; a married woman, called me today, hello Oga Jide, I said haa Madam, you remember my number today? She laughed and said I knew you'd be surprised. I said, of course, it's about three years now. We both laughed, and she said her hubby saw the diary i gave her back then

Oh the orange diary! So you still have it? She said yes ó, my hubby somehow stumbled on it and he brought it to our bedroom last night. I said Oh really? It must be very old now ó. She said not really, some of the love poetries you composed for me are still there and he saw them

I laughed and said really? Haa do you want to scatter your home lol. She said it's nothing jare, he even laughed and said you must be a very caring and romantic man. I said well, I know I am, I can love for Africa 😂😅, she laughed and said well guess what? I said what is it?

There was a page you wrote about your plans for your unborn kids, what you would like them to become, where you want to settle down and all. As she was talking my mind quickly flashed back to those promises we were always making to each other as lovers

We even named our unborn kids😂 😂  you go fear love made in Havard

So I told her oh my goodness, I can remember everything! She said good, my husband saw and read everything word for word ó 😂, he jokingly said it's like he came to scatter a good love story ó.

I said haaa, he must be a very funny Person. She said he is, he even read something you wrote about introducing your kids to STEAM from age 7, he found it interesting and said he would like to speak to you about it. I said oh, your husband stole you from me and want to steal my

own plans too abi? 😂. She said be serious jare, so can I add him to this call or give him your number so you guys can talk? I said anyhow jare. She connected him to the call and we greeted each other.He said I read through your 7 point agenda for your unborn kids with my wife 😂

I said I apologize sir 🤣, the three of us laughed. The wife said you people should go straight to the point jare. Oh so quickly Mr Jide, I read something about STEAM and how you plan to get your kids into it. Please tell me about it, I'm really interested.

I said oh, okay, so STEAM stands for Science,Technology, Engineering,Arts and Maths. This is the mitochondria ;the power house of job creation and development.The jobs of the future will be powered by STEAM and we need to introduce our children to the skills as early as possible.

Some men would be shouting what is this thing still doing in my house?
Do you want to go back to your ex?
This lesson to everyone reading this post right now.

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