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How Julia Little Baby Survived A Fatal Car Accident (Read)


Read How Julia Little Baby Survived A Fatal Car Accident

Read This Very Careful, You Need To Know How To Avoid Being Involved In An Accident, Learn From This Article. Read Below👇

This isn’t a race – you just want to arrive at your destination alive. Stay away from the fast lane, where most highway accidents occur. 

#If you’re in one of the middle lanes, you have more “escape” options if someone on the road looks like they’re about to cause a problem. 

#On another note, highway patrol is more likely to keep a closer eye on you if you’re driving in the left lane.

*When you are driving, you should drive defensively by always being on the lookout for potential problems. 

*If a car is rapidly shifting lanes or swerving, or you see a biker a little too close for comfort, or a pedestrian looking like they might decide to jaywalk into oncoming traffic, then be ready for it! 

*Try and get away from the threat safely if possible, and if not, be prepared to stop abruptly or otherwise avoid a collision if the potential hazard comes to fruition.

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