Boxing: Mike Tyson To Fight Roy Jones In 8-round Exhibition Fight In Los Angeles

(This will be the first time in 15 years that the youngest boxer to become the heavyweight champion will be fighting.)

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“Mike Tyson” will for the first time since 2005 return to the boxing rings as he trades punches with fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.

“According to Legit, The 54_year_old “Tyson” has been training heavily since the turn of the year confirming his plans to come out of retirement, since he sustained back-to-back defeats to “Danny Williams” and “Kevin McBride”.

BBC reports that the eight-round fight is scheduled to be held on September 12 in Los Angeles, but the exact venue is yet to be confirmed.

“Tyson's initial opponent was one of his nightmares, “Evander Holyfield”, but he appeared to have been ruled out of the arrangement except if there other options.”

Another news outlet Sport Bible claims the fight will also feature a (Boxer vs MMA) fighter on the under-card.'

“The youngest boxer to attain the heavyweight achievement had shared so many training video clips on social media, telling people how ready he was for his prospective foes.”

Tyson last tasted anything boxing in 2006 after facing Corey Sanders in a four-round exhibition match, but that was because he needed money after having filed for bankruptcy.

Reports claim that fans will be able to watch the bout at 9:00 pm ET on pay-per-view and will be streamed on Triller. The multi-media platform has exclusive streaming rights to a 10-part series revolving around the fight which will also include 'iconic musical performances.'

This will be the first event held under the 'Legends Only League' brand, which is a collaboration between Tyson and Eros Innovations.
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